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Welcome to SYDOWIA

SYDOWIA publishes reports of original research relevant to fungal taxonomy, systematics, evolution, structure, development, ecology, pathology (plants, animals, humans), and biotechnological applications. Reviews are published in areas of particular interest and current importance, but authors should consult the Editor before submitting a review manuscript. The official journal language is English. From 2012 onwards the articles are also available online. Authors can choose open access making freely available their articles by paying a moderate open access fee.

Sydowia contents are covered in the Science Citation Index®, SCOPUS, SciSearch®, Research Alert®, and Current Contents®/Agriculture, Biology, and Environmental Sciences.

Fast track articles Sydowia 70

Mountain pine beetle mutualist Leptographium longiclavatum presence in the southern Rocky Mountains during a record warm period
  Javier E. Mercado & Beatriz Ortiz-Santana
Pluteus fenzlii (Agaricales, Pluteaceae) – taxonomy, ecology and distribution of a rare and iconic species
  Jan Holec, Vladimír Kunca, Hana Ševcíková, Bálint Dima, Martin Kríž Tomáš Kucera
Molecular phylogeny and a new Iranian species of Caudospora (Sydowiellaceae, Diaporthales)
  Hermann Voglmayr, Mehdi Mehrabi
Synthesis of Tuber mesentericum ectomycorrhizae with Quercus pubescens: a morphological review and DNA characterization
  Giorgio Marozzi, Gian Maria Niccolò Benucci, Leonardo Baciarelli Falini, Emidio Albertini, Domizia Donnini
Checklist of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in tropical forests
  Frederico Marinho, Iolanda R. da Silva, Fritz Oehl & Leonor C. Maia
Two unusual new species of Pleosporales: Anteaglonium rubescens and Atrocalyx asturiensis
  Walter M. Jaklitsch, Jacques Fournier, Hermann Voglmayr
Entoloma aurorae-borealis sp. nov. and three rare Entoloma species in the Sinuatum clade (subg. Entoloma) from northern Europe
  Machiel Evert Noordeloos, Øyvind Weholt, Egil Bendiksen, Tor Erik Brandrud, Siw Elin Eidissen, Jostein Lorås, Olga Morozova & Bálint Dima
Fungal Systematics and Evolution: FUSE 4
  Liu L.-N., Razaq A., Atri N.S., Bau T., Belbahri L., Chenari Bouket A., Chen L.-P., Deng C., Ilyas S., Khalid A.N., Kitaura M.J., Kobayashi T., Li Y., Lorenz A.P., Ma Y.-H., Malysheva E., Malysheva V., Nuytinck J., Qiao M., Saini M.K., Scur M.C., Sharma S., Shu L.-L., Spirin V., Tanaka Y., Tojo M., Uzuhashi S., Valério-Júnior C., Verbeken A., Verma B., Wu R.-H., Xu J.-P., Yu Z.-F., Zeng H., Zhang B., Banerjee A., Beddiar A., Bordallo J.J., Dafri A., Dima B., Krisai-Greilhuber I., Lorenzini M., Mandal R., Morte A., Nath P.S., Papp V., Pavlík J., Rodríguez A., Ševcˇíková H., Urban A., Voglmayr H. & Zapparoli G.