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Sydowia 66 (2)

Issued December 19th, 2014

Edited by Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber.

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Sydowia 66 (2) at Verlag Berger

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Table of Contents - Sydowia 66 (2)

Battistin E., Chiarello O., Vizzini A., Örstadius L. & Larsson E.
  Morphological characterisation and phylogenetic placement of the very rare species Psathyrella sulcatotuberculosa
Cavalcanti L. de H., Damasceno G., Bezerra, A. C. C. & Costa
  Mangrove myxomycetes: species occurring on Conocarpus erectus (Combretaceae)
Duarte S., Bärlocher F., Cássio F. & Pascoal C.
  Current status of DNA barcoding of aquatic hyphomycetes
Senanayake I. C., Maharachchikumbura S. S. N., Mortimer P. E., Xu J., Bhat J. D. & Hyde K. D.
  Phylogenetic studies on Vialaeaceae reveals a novel species, Vialaea mangiferae
Silva P. S., Silveira R. M. B. & Cortez V. G.
  Notes on Deconica and Psilocybe (Agaricales) from the southern border of Atlantic forest and Pampa biomes of Brazil
Ševčíková H., Antonín V. & Borovička J.
  Pluteus septocystidiatus, a new species with unique pleurocystidia
Xia J.-W., Ma Y.-R. & Zhang X.-G.
  New species of Corynesporopsis and Lylea from China
Gomes A. R. P. & Wartchow F.
  Coprinellus arenicola, a new species from Paraíba, Brazil
Battistin E., Deng W.-Q., Li T.-H., & Gelardi M.
  A new species of Entoloma s. l. (Agaricales) from Nan’ao Island, south-eastern China
Gupta M. M., Naqvi N. S. & Singh V. K.
  The state of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal diversity in India: an analysis
Razaq A., Ilyas S., Khalid A. N. & Niazi A. R.
  Russula foetentoides (Russulales, Russulaceae) – a new species from Pakistan
Lima L. L., Kozovits, A. R., Magna D. A. A., Silva, G. A. & Oehl F.
  Cetraspora auronigra, a new glomeromycete species from Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Singh A., Kharwar R. N., Singh R. & Kumar S
  A new species of Zasmidium (Mycosphaerellaceae) from India
Marinho F., Silva G. A., Ferreira A. C. A., Veras J. S. N., Sousa N. M. F., Goto B. T., Maia L. C. & Oehl F.
  Bulbospora minima, a new genus and a new species in the Glomeromycetes from semi-arid Northeast Brazil
Wang P.-H., Tsao C.-C. & Pai T.-Y.
  Exobasidium japonicum inhabits in node strategically during summer in Rhododendron
Kučera V., Tom ovsk M. & Lizoň P.
  A new green earth-tongue Microglossum parvisporum, sp. nov., from Slovakia

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