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Sydowia 70

Will be issued in print 2018

Edited by Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber.

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Sydowia 70 at Verlag Berger

Sydowia 70 is also available as an e-book (completely or the individual articles):

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Table of Contents - Sydowia 70

Mountain pine beetle mutualist Leptographium longiclavatum presence in the southern Rocky Mountains during a record warm period
  Javier E. Mercado & Beatriz Ortiz-Santana
Pluteus fenzlii (Agaricales, Pluteaceae) – taxonomy, ecology and distribution of a rare and iconic species
  Jan Holec, Vladimír Kunca, Hana Ševcíková, Bálint Dima, Martin Kríž Tomáš Kucera
Diversity and lipid content analysis of oleaginous endo­phytic fungi associated with biodiesel plants
  Susmita Paul, Ranjan Kumar Bhagobaty, Mool Chand Nihalani and Santa Ram Joshi
Life cycle of the myxomycete Collaria arcyrionema
  Dan Dai, Bo Zhang & Yu Li
Roselymyces, a new asexual genus of the Xylariales (Ascomycota) from Brazil
  Patrícia Oliveira Fiuza, Carolina Ribeiro Silva, Tiago Andrade Borges Santos, Huzefa Raja, Rafael Felipe Castañeda-Ruiz & Luís Fernando Pascholati Gusmão
Molecular phylogeny and a new Iranian species of Caudospora (Sydowiellaceae, Diaporthales)
  Hermann Voglmayr, Mehdi Mehrabi
Distribution and ecology of myxomycetes in desert ecosystems
  Steven Lee Stephenson, Fuad Ameen & Ahmed Al-Sabri
Synthesis of Tuber mesentericum ectomycorrhizae with Quercus pubescens: a morphological review and DNA characterization
  Giorgio Marozzi, Gian Maria Niccolò Benucci, Leonardo Baciarelli Falini, Emidio Albertini, Domizia Donnini
Xylaria crinalis and X. betulicola from China – two new species with thread-like stromata
  Hai-Xia Ma & Yu Li
Effect of Agaricus bisporus exo-polysaccharides on MCF-7 breast cancer cell-line
  Amal M. Zakaria, Haggag S. Zein, Olfat S. Barakat & Salah E. Mohammeden
Checklist of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in tropical forests
  Frederico Marinho, Iolanda R. da Silva, Fritz Oehl & Leonor C. Maia
Two unusual new species of Pleosporales: Anteaglonium rubescens and Atrocalyx asturiensis
  Walter M. Jaklitsch, Jacques Fournier, Hermann Voglmayr
Mycodriven enhancement and inherent phytoremediation potential exploration of plants for lithospheric remediation
  Shazia Ifthikhar, Khuram Shahzad Ahmad, Shaan Bibi Jaffri
Three rapid methods for direct PCR of powdery mildew samples for later sequencing
  Irum Mukhtar, Arend F. van Peer, Gerardo Vázquez–Marrufo and Ma. Soledad Vázquez-Garcidueñas, Baogui Xi
Functional analysis of three LisH-containing proteins in the hyphal development of Candida albicans
  Peng Chang, Wenjuan Wang, Feng Luo, Yasuo Igarashi, Jiangye Chen
New records of Botryosphaeriaceae genera associated with palms in Florida, USA
  Monica L. Elliott, Aubrey D. Morales & Elizabeth A. Des Jardin

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